Monday, July 16, 2012

Google strikes again

not sure how this is going to work;  if I suddenly disappear, blog and all, off the face of the earth,  it's because of some strange strange conflict with Google and TDS (one of which is my blog, one of which is my email, both of which are running under the gmail auspices).  frankly I have no idea what's going on and even though I read it all very slowly and even allowed my lips to move while I did,  I still don't understand it.

I have a new blog addy, apparently, but I think email will still go to the (other) account.  argh.

It's way too hot for this nonsense.


  1. find your way back, wherever the Googlegod sends you. I'll keep an eye peeled.

  2. im here, but I do worry about this. Everytime I turn around they have done something to make the experience even more wonderful. um.

  3. I think we're seeing a browser war going on. At this point, Blogger will no longer allow you to use IE of any number, Yahoo will not forward my emails to my juno addy, Firefox is failing to load a lot of websites which work fine with IE, etc. etc. I suspect gmail is being batted around in this conflict.

    It's a big pain. I expect you've saved your blog to a flashdrive, no? very easy to do. I do that, but it won't save my pix, some fear of ownership I guess, but I send all my own blogposts to an email address automatically. This is because my words are so golden, so important, that I think the world would be poorer without them. Yeah, something like that!

    Yours on the other hand, ARE valuable and worth saving.

  4. Well, thank you for that, Boud, but all our words are golden, to us and to the people who read and pay attention. I would never have met the Dollivers, they would never have met Mr. Bear.
    And I'll give it a go, Boud, see if i can save this to the flash drive.
    But i do feel sometimes as if we are watching the battles of the titans, each trying to carve up the multiverse for themselves. And we who live here can only hope.