Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brought to you by...

those folks who two years ago gave us a look into God's wallet

"Who needs flotation devices?  We've got the Water Walker!"

I'm thinking that once a year they have a contest at Church Camp, and the kid who comes up with the best logo for the marquee gets a prize.  I sincerely hope it's water wings.


  1. wavewavewave

    Thinking about you lately. Thought I'd say hi.

  2. glad you did. drop in anytime.

    been reading in your blog, and hey, you quoted me. how cool is THAT? Im only part way through your stuff, but its totally fascinating. Since I was in the middle of all of that, I find my self putting names and faces to events, and nodding ferociously.

  3. I've been thinking about the social dynamics of facebook, how it's both different from the Olde Days and yet exactly the same on an underlying level. Maybe I'll have to do a couplke followup articles... probably after I convert you to the Dark Side (Never, she screams, whacking on the Deadhorse with her umbrella, you'll never drag me down! But Mittenth, you jutht might like it ;) )

  4. No Facebook. Never. You will just have to soldier on without me this time.

    From what I have seen secondhand, it interests me not at all. Nor does Twitter (anything that forces a grown man to use the word "tweet" with a straight face...), or the others. I've had my turn at the DarkSide (and if Neopoeia wasn't close, the old Utne Cafe surely was. I love reading your stuff, however. I am so there for most of it =)