Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Washday scraps

My new washer came with a stern injunction to never ever never wash clothes that have been badly doused with cooking oil.  The reason given, "it could catch fire". 

Yes, indeed. Open the lid and there are all those clothes sloshing away, burning merrily...


  1. Clearly the same lawyers who insist that my firelogs be labeled: Caution! Combustible!

    Well, I should hope so!

  2. Oh, I love that, Boud. Somewhere in Corporate Lawyer land, there is a well paid worrier who spends his or her days thinking about what might go wrong with a particular product and then composing a warning about it.

    "not meant for children under the age of three" so if your four year old tries to eat a Tonka Truck wheel, the company is off the hook...