Friday, June 1, 2012


Woke up somewhere in the middle of the night with the odor of arguing skunks wafting through the open windows (although skunkiness can waft through solid concrete, if it chooses), so I went down and closed the cat door both ways, shut all the windows, and came back to bed.  The smell is still out there this morning so either a skunk is lying dead somewhere within a hundred mile radius, or the skunk or skunks left their mark on the old fallen timbers of the barn.  Which means we will have it forever.  Better than under the porch, or out in the shed, for sure. 

I often wonder what one does if a skunk DOES get into the house.  Flee?  Hope he remembers how he got in so he can get out? 


  1. Skunks are fairly peaceful creatures unless threatened. I used to feed raccoons behind the house until the skunks started showing up. One night the skunks started fighting and killed one skunk. They all sprayed and we had to live with the stench for a few days and nights. We never fed the raccoons anymore. If one gets in the house and sprays, probably best to burn the house.

  2. It's been a very long time since we've had skunks near the house, and they are, truly, peaceable critters, much like porcupines-- as long as you leave them alone.

    Years ago a skunk got in our local church the night before Easter, and when we arrived for Sunday Mass the aroma was almost carvable. Twenty years later it was still fairly heady, especially during damp periods.

    And yeah, burning down the house would definitely be an option.

  3. Skunks up here are bilingual, but they all smell the same.

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