Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Question of the Day

Why do people slow at a green light?  Do they think it might suddenly turn red?
I will admit to now and then stopping for one, to let it cross the street,  but generally I prefer to take my chances with it, and sail right on through. 


  1. Ah, I asked someone this and she explained that in her case, she'd been in a terrible collision in the middle of a green light, caused by someone running the red.

    So she's permanently incapable of just driving through the green without stopping a moment to make sure nobody's coming at her.

    After that I didn't think so hardly of folks what did that.

  2. Slow down for a green light??? I rarely slow down for a yellow light.

  3. The old saying is, "red means stop, green means go, yellow means go faster..."

    In some instances I've seen this in a long stream of traffic, no one is moving very fast, and yet folks will noticeably slow for no apparent reason.
    I read that this is often the cause of those mysterious gridlock thingies where everyone keeps moving slower and slower and finally they come to a slow halt. No one knows what happened, there are no cops, no ambulances, nothing. Turns out its the result of just that, people slowing at a green light, and when it gets repeated hundreds of times over a few hours, it sort of translates itself into gridlock.
    But on a slow moving road with no traffic visible on either entrance, a certain amount of common sense has to prevail. One of the roads I travel has a light that is permanently green except for a few quick reds for the almost non existent side traffic, yet folks will slow, anyway.

    Boud, I can understand that, I narrowly missed one of my own, and frankly at that spot I do look both ways when I approach. It stays with ya.

  4. And then there are those of us who live in a state which is frequently infested, I mean visited,by drivers from nearby states with different conventions.

    Such as the Pennsylvania driver who will stand on the brakes at a yellow light, nearly causing a major NJ pileup as everyone else assumes he would stand on the gas...or the New York driver who makes such a huge left swoop before executing a right turn, that following traffic inserts itself to his right assuming he's in left turn mode.

    And there's the occasional Hawaii or Minnesota plate, whose driver actually stops to let pedestrians cross at their crossings. This causes great confusion in the ranks.

  5. Lol. Letting pedestrians actually use the crosswalk. How out-of-town is THAT. Here we actually have laws that say let them pass, there's a good fellow...and then they abuse the privilege by stopping to chat, redial, or nap in the middle of it all.