Saturday, June 16, 2012

from the archives


this is the way the world truly ends
not with a whimper or a cry
but a sound of regret of the kind you make
when you see the car slide over the cliff
and there's nothing you can do
but be glad you got the dog out
even though you lost all your luggage
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with the sound
of a door closing softly against the frame
and you only know it's shut by turning the knob
finding it locked from the other side

this is the way worlds end sometimes
with all the finality of breaking glass
in the next room and you don't know what broke
but you've got a pretty good idea
who'll have to clean it up later 

sometimes it's entropy that does us in
everything grinding to a halt
everyone glad when it's over
the books divided up, drapes taken down
the for sale sign removed at last
but sometimes it's sharper, like the cut
from a good knife and you don't even know
you're bleeding until you look down
and then it starts to hurt
and you know it will hurt until it stops
and there's not a damn thing
you or anyone else can do but wait it out
hold on tightly until the bleeding stops
and then not move until the throbbing stops
not look until the cut heals
and you're left with only a little scar on the outside
turning white and beginning to fade


  1. This is wonderful. A keeper. Thank you.

  2. Boud, thank you. I'm sort of fond of it myself. =)

  3. Funny how the size of the visible scar never matches the actual damage done, one way or the other, eh?

  4. yeah, I noticed that, Ron. Probably a good thing, in some cases.

  5. My thumb is still numb.........after3 years