Monday, June 4, 2012

Folks is strange

You gotta love tech forums.  We have been stravaging about the net trying to find a solution to a problem we had been having with the new graphics card, which performed very well except when I hit Worlds of Warcraft, and it would regularly boot me from the game.  It's called a minidump, and you get a nasty bit of blue screen commentary and various other things that turn out to be related to one small bit of the chip misfiring in some way.  I posted, first, the questions about it,  and finally the fact that we solved the problem by removing the card entirely.

On two different forums I have been met with outrage, sarcasm, and thinly veiled hostility and I have no idea why.  It's kinda funny, because only one person suggested just removing or changing the chip.  Both suggest (still) that I should uninstall everything and start over. Oh, I don't think so.    And what is interesting, no one has said, good job, Im glad you solved the problem.  *g*


  1. Despite my almost total lack of techsavvy & the fact that I can barely even understand what you're talking about(thank god I have My Beloved Sandra) let me be the first: Good job, Judy; I'm happy that you solved your problem.

  2. I second that comment! I do know a bit about these techie thingies, but you did well, and should be proud of it.

    One thing I've learned is that never will you get anyone at all being glad for you, in the tech world, when you solve a problem! this hurts their leetle egos or something...unless you followed their exact advice, got it fixed and then they will say, oh, poor little thing, that was simple...

    I have a wonderfully tactful son in the IT world, who is very good about letting me know when I've solved something and he's pleased. But then all his friends have mothers who are constantly in need of advice on how to switch on the computer, where to find email, etc., so I think he feels blessed.

  3. well I had been away from the tech side (such as it was) of computers for so long that most of this stuff I had to look up (as did my husband) and it was a combination of ah HAH and oh HO, mostly.

    Most of the advice I got was how to salvage the chip, not get rid of it. And the people who were the snarkiest, I just realized, were probably jealous that some snip of a feemale had done the obvious and they had not.

    And your son is indeed blessed to have a mother who has the resourcefulness to Think For Herself.

    Ron., ty. Nice words indeed.