Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This seems to work

Ive found that ticks do not like baby powder.  I powder the daylights out of me, and rub it into any clothing Im going to wear outside in the garden, and not only do they not bite,  they dont even cling.  Yesterday was the acid test,  since I was digging in the garden, working with old leaves and last year's hay bales, and I only saw one all day. Nothing came in with me.  

either they don't care for the smell, or the taste, or the texture, but for whatever reason,  it works.  Its also cheaper and safer than chemical/commercial sprays, and it doesnt permanently stain your clothes the way aromatic oils and Skin-so-soft does.


  1. Or perhaps the ticks have diminished in numbers since you found six in your house one morning? How can you know with certainly why you are no longer getting ticks on you?

    How did you strike upon baby powder as a tick repellant?

  2. Because my husband is still getting the regular number, daily. He walks across the yard and spends quality time removing ticks. I found one this morning, after I had been in the garden for a damp hour, handling old hay, dirt, and compost. They're still there, but I seriously think this stuff works.

    I was reading about ticks and what people do, and one woman suggested that they are attracted to living critters (us included) by 'carbon' we give off. Whatever that might be. she suggested using lavender oil or something equally smelly to block the carbon and basically making us 'invisible' to ticks. Im not sure if that's valid, but since I didnt want to invest a fortune in a quart of lavender oil (and that stuff stains...) or something similar, I just put on a nice batch of sunscreen and then powder the devil out of my clothes. I think of myself as the equivalent of a powdered doughnut, instead of prime rib.