Sunday, May 27, 2012

oy the pain, the pain

New computer is up and running, after two days of serious shouting (we seem to do that a lot) and blind alleys and dark mysterious adventures.  Right now it's downloading Worlds of Warcraft, so Im still wedded to this one.  The final step will be moving the email over, and then shut this down.  Sob.  It may be slow, it may be cranky and noisy (this new one isn't all that quiet, btw),  but like that old raggy blanket that sheds more than cats do,  it's familiar and known.  

We will live through this, yes we will. 


  1. Change, if not good, is at least inevitable. Breathe, Judykins. All will be well.

  2. tell that to my computer every time it dumps me from WoW and then informs me that my graphics card did it.


    oh I know this is a tiny pebble in the road of life (if you want to get sententiously philosophical about it) but dammit its my pebble and my road.

    And you're right, of course, mostly. Change is not a Bad Thing. Mostly.