Tuesday, May 8, 2012



I got up this morning to find three on the cushion I use on the computer chair, and three more in the bathtub.  Enough, already.


  1. Sounds like Sammy brought home friends. Ticks are a way of life here. A trip to the farm will generally bring home 2 or 3 on me each time, and more on the dog. I know it sounds scary but we have lived with ticks so long, we barely notice. I was reading online yesterday about all the precautions one should take with ticks. I had to grin a little. We like to pick wild blackberries right beside ticks, chiggers and snakes.

  2. well the regular wood ticks i've gotten used to, if "used to" is the right phrase; but the deer ticks, those teeny ones, can cause a host of physical problems, some of them fairly serious and long range.

    This has been the worst I've ever seen, and when you lose count after fifteen in one day, you know you're in for a very long summer.

    And I don't blame Sammy for this one, lol. all I have to do is walk across the garden and I'm snack food. brrr.

  3. Well, at least some of them were in the bathtub, so these were clean ticks..

  4. You get enough of them, they make a very tasty paste.

  5. but they leave a pasty taste in yo' mouf