Monday, May 7, 2012


This morning I realized that it was 4:45 and the sky was light enough to see across the yard.   So I got up to celebrate.  There was a symphony out there; chickadees and titmice, a pileated woodpecker in the woods, hooting, and at the edge of the field one lone woodthrush, welcoming the dawn with the rest of us.

Two nights ago when the spring moon rose, my husband took a couple photos of it (my camera isnt quite powerful enough to make it look like anything) and then later on that night discovered that people were posting the 'same shot'.  I think he was a bit disappointed to realize that there is only one view we ever see of the moon, and it's always the same. *s*

Yesterday was my first real day in the garden, and about a half hour in I got a little scared, partly because there was so much to do, and partly because it was unpleasant, physically.  So I had a bit of a talk with me
about just doing the work in front of me, not the stuff Over There,  and instead of worrying about creaks and twinges, just keep going.  and sure enough,  I felt better at the end of it all than I thought I would,  and in the afternoon the time spent was more productive. 

My Now project is to spread about four inches of hay mulch evenly over the new potato bed.  Tomorrow I will stop on my way home from Concord and pick up about 1 1/2 pounds of seed potatoes.  It doesnt sound like much, but we get such a good yield from this raised bed/heavily mulched technique I expect maybe 30 pounds or more.  Fingers crossed, of course, as they always are with garden crops.  


  1. God bless you still-able-bodied and reasonably ambitious types. Me, I got nothin to look forward to but a nice Pina Colada.

  2. poor you. My heart goes out to you, suffering so. But I find I'm not pushing as much, and doing it in smaller bits, an hour here and hour there. I sorta set the line as to what i want to get done, and when I hit that it's usually enough. Then I head for my version of your pina colada