Wednesday, May 2, 2012

And Where the Hell Have YOU Been

4:30 this morning I opened the door to let the cats out, heard a squeaky noise;  and there was Sammy.  Wet, a bit skinnier, and quite eager, after four days, to get in out of the rain and the cold.  He is now sleeping it off on the big pillow in the front room.
And that explains why Toby has been so forlorn, and restless.  Sammy was Away, but not Gone.  About all we can do is accept that this is probably going to be the norm for him, and keep our fingers crossed.   Cuffy did this the first day I let him out,  just took off for two days and finally came back wet and hungry and obviously upset.  I think they try to get "home" and realize that home is what they are running FROM, not to.  The miserable cold rain probably helps, too.

So, for now, he's with us again.


  1. Yay, very happy to hear this! I think that with rescues, there is often one MIA incident, and then they tend to realize they're best off where they are. That's been my experience.

    Anyway, welcome home, Sammy!

  2. What is interesting, he has actually allowed me to pat him pretty extensively for the first time in a year. So something happened out there in the woods, maybe he realized that he was running away from Good Things and not Bad Things. who knows. And yay he's back. At least for now.

    it's always that, when you have cats, isnt it.

  3. This makes even me happy.

  4. I can go a long way, knowing that. (hugs for mr. grumpy)

  5. So, whats next for Sammy? Ball and chain on the foot, or release it and it will come back if it loves you.

  6. I suspect from what the shelter people said he and Toby may have run away from their last place, since she said do NOT let them out they will run away. And when they were found, they were confined to the house and then brought back to the shelter--double punishment...

    So what I do when I sort of know what a cat is expecting, is to drive them nuts by not doing it. The door is open, they can come and go as always. Why punish him for coming BACK?

    I think it took Sam about three days to get that part, and now he goes in and out as always.