Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comfort is a full pint of Rocky Road icecream

There are some colds that arrive gently,  giving you time to lay in a supply of easy reads,  a pint of something sinfully good and  extra soft have about three days to prepare the special fluffy pillows, warn folks that you'll be unavailable  for a week,  and you can lie back at last to wait it out.  Not because you are dreadfully ill, but because we all need a bit of pampering now and then.

And then there is  the kind that hurtles across the landscape like an over enthusiastic labrador retriever,  and within a hour of that first sneeze you have gone back to bed, afflicted with chills and fever and skin that hurts to the touch.  Your brain stops working,  there aren't enough hours in the day to sleep in,  and at certain key moments death seems desirable.    On the plus side,  after the first 24 hours,  you suddenly realize that you are no longer in agony,  the sun is shining,  and by golly,  there may be hope yet.


  1. If I was there, I'd glady lay hands on.

  2. (raising one weary eyebrow)

    Im sure you would and I wouldnt mind at all

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I was kinda worried about ya. Spring colds are rough.

  4. the hardest part is when I realized that my husband had it first, so I was channeling HIS cold and then I got it, and just realized I only came down with this on Wednesday, not a week ago.

    And this is indeed a strange quick thing. By the third day it seems to be over except for the cough. I can live with that.