Sunday, April 29, 2012


Two full days and nights, and he's not been back.  Usually when one cat disappears like this the others don't even blink.  They know the living cat, and apparently once a cat dies,  it's out of their memory banks.  This time Toby is looking lost, and subdued; then I realized that he and Sammy were, if not littermates,  at least bonded males, which is the next thing to it, and he is wondering, perhaps, what's missing in  his life right now.  Damn. 


  1. I have two male cats that I took as babies from feral cats. They aren't brothers, but they are so attached to each other. If one is missing, the other cries. I have never witnessed such bonding in cats. I have raised several cats that always considered
    themselves as independent individuals, but not these two.
    Good to see you again, been a while since you left a post.

  2. I'm so sorry about Sammy. But with cats you simply never know. The cat of my heart, Annabelle, oncewent off my balcony while I was out, and disappeared for six weeks despite huge local search, a child finding her battered collar on a main road, which dashed my hopes. Then she showed up, filthy,thin, and anxious to be home, and never left again. So you just never know. Here's hoping that he can get home, and wants to!

  3. bonded animals, and even those who bond from midlife, are a breed apart. Ive had several who did that, and yeah, when one is 'away" at the vet the other one carries on like mad.
    On the down side, like human twins, they will sometimes put up a defensive wall against other cats, or against the humans who took them. In this case it was them agin' us. But the other two cats were fine.

    Oh I had a female cat who did just that, boud, (she had a huge territory, which may be what saved her), but she was gone a month, and suddenly one day there she was at the food dish as if she'd never been away. I suspect she spent that month with a neighbor (vacationing, maybe) and then came home. and like yours, she never did it again.

    I don't hold out hope, except as a slim quivering branch. Maybe, probably not.