Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Change for the sake of change/rant

Adopted people have difficulty with changes; some of us can deal with Big Events, and yet the small ones lay us waste.   Some folks can handle personal changes (new hair style, different shopping mall) but go to pieces when they lose perceived control over something like a TV show they enjoy or a site online that they somehow feel and have been told is "theirs".  

Over the past year Google has been shifting the furniture around,  making it harder and harder to settle in.  Now they are taking all the draperies and rugs and revamping even the looks of the place.  Rumor has it the whole joint will have a new coat of paint soon.

Just about the time I get used to one way of working in here they change it again.  Mostly, I think,  because they can.  The options they give us are somewhere between few and none,  and anyone who has learned the hard way what "edit" means on a Google post or blog never touches that button again.  Google uses the term to mean "delete forEVER".  And they do.

And every change they make seems to slow the load time, the post time, even the typing time (I used to have an old Word Processing program on my 3.1 that I could outtype,  and this is now doing the same thing) has slowed to a crawl.

I got 3 years invested in this, and I would have no idea how to move it, if thats even possible.  I'm stuck. 

Sorry about the absence,  it's been a strange month, hard to settle into, I guess.  But the days get longer at each end,  the new guys are losing weight and looking more cat like and less beachball like, and its a joy to see them streaming across the yard, running  flat out just because They Can.  That somehow makes the breaking in time worth the patience.  It is, after all, about them.  Im just the doorholder.


  1. There is one aspect of Google that you may not be aware of. I spent a lot of time building a free website on google. Then I got the sad news they were going out of the free website business. While the website can still be accessed, it cant have any changes made to it, and it cant be deleted. It is very possible that this blog could be closed. I don't trust em anymore.

  2. I haven't trusted them for years. They have become the "we love it so you will" people, right across the board.

    And what a shame, Harvey. All that time gone to hell. They become more and more arrogant and proprietary all the time. Two years ago (gosh, it only seems like forever) we were forced to change servers. The new folk carefully neglected to mention it until they were hooked up to us, but the company is actually running on Google gas. Our base email is Gmail, which I have been avoiding for years.

    Does that mean you can't delete your site NOW? I guess the only thing to do is find a place that still has free in the header and switch. A lot of work, but maybe not the hassle.

    And yes, this blog could be the next in line, this one and all the others out thete. It gets harder and harder to use, month by month.

  3. You do have it saved on a memory stick, right? text on one, pix on another. I do. And on a different nonrelated email site, too. Not the same as having it open up with pix and all, but it could be reconstructed if I had a mind to and blogger went down the spout. or up the spout, whichever it is.

  4. i have a memory stick but never thought of putting this on it. Frankly if this place went the way Im afraid it might (pay to play, as we say in the Wonderful World O' Games)Im not sure Id want to save it. Some things are of the moment, this is one of them.

    In a way its like when you have to give up your dog to someone else, it's sometimes better to let it go and get on with things.

    If Google goes the way Ancestry.com went, or the way Harvey's website went, you wont even have the privilege of removing content from your own site. Google will own it.