Monday, April 9, 2012


the critter not the vehicle

The animal who is supposed to be nocturnal, shy of humans, and woods-bound.  This morning there he was, crossing the driveway,  heading on down the road. 

my apologies for the strange streaks, those are bush branches between the bobcat and I.  In all my years of living around here I have heard one once and never seen any.  Now in the space of a month I've seen it twice,  going on about his business as if he owned the joint.  I cannot tell you how exciting stuff like this is


  1. Yes, this is exciting! do you have to keep a close eye on your domestic kitties if this guy is around?

    On the other hand, he may be planning to move in, as all the other animals seem to once they find a nice place. Look out if he shows up at the back door in search of a nicer saucer of milk..

  2. Do you have lynx in your area? This appears larger than the bobcats we have here. I have seen bobcats a couple times and several times on the game camera.

  3. well boud, it would have to be a huge dish of milk...from what Ive read they eat prey animals like rabbits, mice, bats, etc. Not unlike a domestic cat. I'm not nearly concerned over having this guy around as I would be a coyote or a fishercat.

  4. Harve, we rarely get lynx in this area, and if you click on the picture it shows you a much bigger image--the most notable thing being that stubby tail. Lynx are browner, smoother colored, and have a serious tail. As big as he is, he's not nearly as large as that.

    What strikes me is how much he resembles Cuffy, both in coloring and facially. He's just four times as big =)

  5. Oh I saw one here a couple years ago (my one & only) & still haven't quite gotten over it. Marvelous creatures.