Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring things

Daylight savings time is coming (or is it leaving, I can never be sure which), and on Sunday we will all dutifully srping ahead (and how appropriate for Leap Year) into almost Spring. The good news is,  that extra hour of daylight in the afternoon, which means a whale of a lot more to us northerners than it does to people for whom the daylight they are saving--or losing--barely moves the needle.  However, I have been enjoying waking to an already lightened sky, and will be plunged back into 5 AM darkness.  sigh. 

Went for a walk yesterday and found reasonably fresh tracks in the snow, running a very long way in a very straight line beside a stonewall.  The size of this cannot be accounted for snowmelt,  because these have been in the shade of the wall all day, in the woods, only just beginning to get some light in late afternoon.

that boot, btw, is mine and it's a good five inches across. 


  1. Is it a bobcat? woolly mammoth? what is your guess?

  2. judging from the size it is either a mountain lion or a lynx, the mountain lion has been "officially" declared extinct and the lynx is a very rare visitor.
    There are no claws showing on these so it's not a bear. and the path is cat-straight all the way down the line.

    its too deep for bunnies.

    I dunno. But it's big.
    Woolly mammoth is probably as good as anything.

  3. I believe lynx are not in this area, though bobcats are. Mountain lion? Dramatic, but perhaps a stretch.

  4. Lynx will occasionally drift down from Canada if the food is sparse, and once in a great while someone sees one. but yeah, it's rare. I do believe that we have mountain lions, simply because there have been so many sightings over the years, and most people see them, if them is what they are, and don't tell anyone. Linemen are in a perfect position to see things the rest of us don't, as are deer hunters, forestry guys, etc. We have huge tracts of forest in this state that could hide a herd of woolly mammoths. I think it's very possible.
    But Im just sayin'.

    Whatever this is, it's far too large for a bobcat. Whatever it is it's a treat to find.