Monday, March 19, 2012

Sammy's big adventure

Yesterday I decided if he wants to go out, Ill just leave the door open and see what happens.  A half hour later I found him sitting on the porch wiith Albert our tour guide cat.   He came in after a few naps in the leaves, a thorough inspection of the main shed, and serious tree study.
This morning I let him out at dawn,  and a few hours later I found him here:

Looks like he owns the joint doesnt he.  Toby, who seems the most aggressive of the two, only this morning went out and came back in at full speed, apparently terrified of the bird song and the space, which to an indoor cat must be agoraphobia inducing, big time.
Took him three tries before he could handle it.  I seriously don't know if these cats have ever seen grass, or felt wind, or walked on anything but flooring.  But I think they'll be fine now.  Its been a long slow trip for both of them (and for us),  and while we still cannot pick up either one, maybe in time, now, they will trust us.   Who knows.

And at last, Toby.  He is trying to chase all his new play toys, one leaf at a time. 


  1. I think they will gentle down, I tamed a couple really wild ones.

  2. well they are truly tame, Harve; they get along with the other two cats, they are just not trusting of humnans. I have a hunch they were struck, or had things thrown at them.
    It's been a year, and we still cannot pick up either of them. When you walk into a room they wake up immediately, and if you get too close they're gone.

    ive tamed a few myself, so I know the pleasure in having a cat like that learn to trust you. When it's time, they will. I also know it may never be time, and that's okay too.

  3. Looks like my kind of cat.

  4. They'd be perfect companions for people who want company but not a whole lot of lap cat. =)