Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Too Many Mornings and this is the first

"Down the street the dogs are barking and the day is getting dark" (Bob Dylan)

Tried to find a link to the original online but it's just not there.  The point was to be, that there are days like yesterday and Friday that always remind me of this song, (which tends to send me right into a catatonic stare);  a chilly day, but with more than a hint of spring in it, and a feel  to the air that winter lacks.  It's as if the air was more alive, primordial-soupier, preparing us for what comes next.

You can, indeed, hear dogs along the road,  car doors slamming shut, voices if the wind is right.  Sound travels over water to an embarrassing degree as anyone on a lake will tell you;  and on damp early spring air much the same thing happens, especially if the wind happens to be from the south.  Trees have yet to leaf out,  so there's nothing to slow the sounds down. 

Anyone who remembers this song knows exactly what I  mean, and anyone who doesn't, well, I can't explain it. Deliver me, always, from music in a minor key, even when it isn't.

I've begun walking after way too long away.  I think it's the only way to defeat the Fat Lady inside.  If nothing else, I will be a buff Fat Lady on the outside.  My husband said  he will loan me his GPS so I can keep track of the track I make in the woods, which almost always looks like the drunkard's path by the time I'm done. 

You forgot to change your clocks, didn't you.  *g*

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  1. Clocks? oh....

    Don't know Bob Dylan (I predate his popularity,sigh,brushes crumbs off Civil War uniform) but I do recognize that weirdness that happens when the daylight officially changes (!) and the light is now different in the daytime, with the added oncoming spring to boot. Boots are probably a big feature of your late winter walking, come to think of it.