Friday, February 24, 2012

Report from early spring in the middle of winter

The chickadees have changed into their spring songs, and the bluebirds are back, as are the robins.  This afternoon there were four tom turkeys in the field, practicing fans and strutting.  One of them, poor fella, just could not get his fan to work.  He tried, oh didnt he try, but the best he could do was  a back ruffle.   It was embarrassing to watch.

And this morning we saw a bobcat in the back field,as calm and casual as any housecat, just sitting.  He was too far away to photograph quickly, and by the time I got him in view he decided it was time to move on.  Not running, just walking away.   In all the years I've lived here, this is my first sighting.  =)

We now  have mud, with about two inches of snow sinking into it. 

And I made 6 loaves of bread.

All in all,  a pretty good day--except, maybe for the mouse that died in one of my kitchen walls a few days ago...

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  1. The birds are getting frisky here too. The robins are here, not sure they ever left, since we didnt have a winter. We got 1 inch of snow two different times. The vultures over wintered here since it was so warm. If this is global warming I think I like it.