Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How quickly we forget

Our last (and only) major storm was October 31;  it was taken with calm resignation, and we all braced for a very long very trying winter.   (shrug) It happens.   However, it is now nearly the end of February and that resgnation has been replaced by a certain amount of glee that we may have been missed this year.

Easy to forget that not too many years back we had a foot of snow once a week for the entire month of March.  This, by the way, was nearly shoulder high.    Now we're seeing  a fine edge of panic on the weather forecasts, with storm warnings and travel advisories and such,  and people are no doubt scrambling to find the roof rakes and shovels they put away two weeks ago...


  1. March snows can be bad. Wet and deep.
    If it doesn't snow here in the next 2 weeks, our winter is over..... The winter we never had.

  2. Ach, don't remind me -- some of our worst blizzzards, with high winds, heavy snow and zero temps, have happened in April!

    Meanwhile, la la la I can't hear you, I have daffodils starting to bloom, la la la ...

  3. I'm currently on an Amtrak, somewhere in New Jersey (I think) returning from a 10-day cruise of the Bahamas. It was just starting to snow on our side of the mountain when we left.

    I'm keepin my eyes closed.

  4. one of the reasons leaving town for a few days or weeks or longer this time of year has never held the slightest interest for me: in a way its like leaving the house with your fifteen year old daughter in charge--you just never know what you'll find when you get back.

    It does melt, Ron. Really.