Friday, January 6, 2012

'tis okay

still here
not movin' much
but definitely here

been cold
been colder
now its snowing

we lived through xmas
ignored New Year's
now we get to live through wintah

two months and a bit over
and it will be spring
I'm ready


  1. I noticed that you didn't have any snow on Tuesday as I watched the news showing the primaries. Is that not a bit unusual for January? We have had a warm winter so far, I just hope it continues until spring.

  2. Our big deal snowstorm came on the 31st of October. That was it. Since then we've had rain, mud, below zero temps and 40 deg. in the shade temps. Yesterday was the first snow we've had all wintah. Tonight it's supposed to get colder. The weathermen are nearly beside themselves with glee over this, it gives them something to chart and measure and track.

    Im with you, the lazy heat seeking part of me ('gimme that extra blanket, honey, its COLD in here') thinks that this kind of warmth in January, while unseasonable, is wonderful, even though my inner gardener person is thinking, ohhhh, the apple trees will never bear, the bulbs are doing pushups under the dirt...