Friday, January 27, 2012

hidden snake alert

Anyone on Google is now, it seems, subject to a sweeeeeping amount of inspection by the powers that should not be, as to ads.  What they call  "tailoring' to our "needs" is nothing more than a poor excuse for shoving multitudes of google ads at us,  all across all google apps, domains, sites, etc.  So no matter where you go, there they are, waving themselves at you. Buy this, go here, go there, click ME.  
It sounds good on the surface,  they say its so they can find the ads for products you love or are interested in, and give you 'options' to learn more.  Pity the person who clicks on anything they are merely curious about, but decide they don't like what they see.  
Google has decided, if you click, you must be interested. 

And I found this photo from last year's garden to be most appropriate.


  1. Aha, a snake in the grass!!! literally.

    Actually I lerv snakes and I'm always glad to see one.

  2. Ron. 9:47 PM

    it's the New Google...Noogle; determined to meet your every need as soon as they convince you what it is.

    Best bet: click nothing, ever.

  3. i like snakes, too. This one was almost impossible to spot, but for a green grass snake he seemed to be immensely long...

    Ron., I love it. The main reason I do NOT have google ads here is that they are so... You can almost hear the voice in the background, "Veee vill assimilate you. You vill luff it."

  4. I refuse to "monetize" my blog, because it looks so tacky, whether or not it ever earns clickety money. And if I'm invited to another blog as a participant and see it's monetized, I bow out, usually, because I don't see blogging as a financial contact sport. But that's me, dedicated to poverty, I guess.

    The notion of pushing products based on what I might have checked out is, well, literal minded, to put it kindly.

  5. Hey, Mittens, do you mind if I post this image on 9GAG?

  6. I'd be flattered, Laguna. Whatever 9GAG is, post away.

  7. Don't search for it! You'll become addicted!