Monday, January 16, 2012

Addicts Anonymous

This morning I was visiting one one of my daily must-see places, and at the top of the  page was an ad for a small online game.  The promo said, in effect,  'a game to help distract you when you crave a cigarette".   I havent smoked in 17 years, and suddenly I wanted a smoke so badly it was scary.  Still do.

A lot of people have a tough time, perhaps they join Smoke Enders, they tell the whole world about it,  and of course everyone then begins to keep tabs.  "Hey, Pete, how's the smoking going?"  and Pete sits there for five minutes, white knuckled, while that terrible urge fades.

When I quit, it was cold turkey;  I was so sick anyway I didn't even want a smoke.  Good time as any, I thought.   But I never told anyone, not for at least six months, until I could get my own cravings to a manageable level.  And for the longest time  after that I would  now and then get a 'wave' of longing.  At a stop light,  with my coffee in the morning.  The body, like Pepperidge Farm, remembahs.


  1. Two months tomorrow. Still want one bad. I'll say this: Chantix helped with the initial physical cravings for the 1st couple of weeks, then I stopped using it (gradually)(& I'm keeping some in reserve, just in case) but, as you so cogently point out, climbing behind the steering wheel or picking up the coffee cup's another whole world of wanting.

    I'm getting better at it, though. I got it down to about 3 minutes of knucklewhite, only 3-4 times a day.

  2. i know just how hard it is, and if you can tough it out a few more weeks the knuckle whites will become fewer and fewer. Three to four times a day ain't bad. Really.

    One thing that might stiffen your resolve a bit more. Just for fun, add up what it costs you for a year of smoking. The cost these days is phenomenal.

  3. One thing that's helpful is to know that typically the craving lasts about twenty minutes. Which may feel like a century,but still it's a manageable piece of times. I quit over 40 years ago, and still have a longing if I see someone light up, or get a reference to it anywhere! but you know you've really quit when you no longer remember the exact year, month, date, day and time of day when you last lit up! and I am happy to say I only generally know, and that's by looking at son's current age and subtracting the approximate age he was when I realized my smoke was hurting his sinuses and promptly stopped a heavy habit,forever.

    The current cost, compared to then, makes it easy not to go back!

  4. It's easy to quit, I did it a lot of times. Seriously I don't think you completely get over it. I think I still replace smoking with eating. It has been many years since I smoked, but the occasional urge still shows up. now I fight the urge to overeat just as much as I fought the urge to smoke. The smoking urge dwindles, The eating urge doesn't.