Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today is the last day of hunting season

last night:

this morning:

it would appear after a certain amount of scuffling and wing flapping last evening the 40 or so turkeys and the
14 or so deer (not all seen) have decided group feeding is best accomplished in separate groups... I'd say F&G has done themselves proud this time.  The turkeys, gods  help them all, have become a public nuisance.  Good for the turkeys.               


  1. I love the view of your wild kingdom! and I wonder if the animals know when hunting is over..

  2. I've often wondered that too, Boud. They may sense that the woods are free of humans again, for whatever reason, but that may be as far as it goes.

    I'm nervous about how at ease they are here and am always torn between keeping them that way for the pleasure of their appearance or keeping them a bit jumpy. Hard call.