Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortest Day Longest Night

Is today.  Now we start tunneling  upward, toward the light.

winter solstice

last evening
the sun went down
like gold poured
across the sky
this morning
it rose behind a carpet
of sullen
grey and the snow
began to fall


  1. Sorry Dear, winter starts tomorrow. Only 91 days til spring

  2. close enough for me *g*

    Im always impressed at how predictable it all is, how evenly divided into neat segments. No matter how we muck up the calendars, 90 days (give or take those rogue extras) per season seems so tidy

  3. Tomorrow's daylight will be longer than today's. But only a micro minute. But about March or April they grow longer in real minutes. Although today is the shortest amount of sunlight the northern hemisphere receives, it's not the coldest. On average, the third week of January is the coldest. The longest day is around June 21st, but the hottest days come later. I hate winter. When I finish raising this Grandchild, I intend to spend my winters in south Texas. I'm not a big fan of Texas, but between Texas and cold weather.....Texas is the less of two evils.

  4. Most people, myself included, love a good solstice poem. this is one of them Bravo JT.

  5. thanks, Ron. as with your site, all of these are from the archives, drug up at the appropriate moment.

    Some day I may just say to hell with it and post them all, one a day. Maybe.