Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Nefarious Fish and Game Folks

Last week I read that F/G was running a turkey count in the state, starting Jan. 1.  Cool,  I thought.  Lord  knows we have enough turkeys around here for anyone to appreciate.  So I went to the website and looked the survey stuff over.  While I was there I started wondering why F/G wanted a survey of turkeys,  since anyone with a window and four square feet of yard has probably seen dozens of them.  

Then I got it.  They want all of us to tell them how many dozens of turkeys we are seeing, when and where.  F/G is in the business of managing wildlife,  and making money for the state and controlling populations of deer, bear, moose and turkeys.  They are the ones, after all, who gave us all these turkeys in the first place, ten or so years ago,  and the success has been phenomenal.   And when they discover that oh golly we have Too Many Turkeys let's cull the herd,  it will probably be open season on them for most of the year.

I'm keeping my forty turkeys to myself.  Yessir.  They want to count them, they have to go through me first.


  1. When hunters explain that they MUST kill deer, turkey, etc., you name it, I often wish that we could reintroduce the gray wolf to do the job. They would at least be taking what they needed, and not just having a ton of fun and beer with it.

  2. well we do have wolves; our Eastern Coyote is a wolf/coyote hybrid, and it's lineage has been tracked from the Red wolves of the south to the Canadian Greys. (at least I think that's what color they are). It account for their size, their family structure, even their hunting techniques. I love seeing them, but I always count heads with my cats, and they stay in at night.
    And I have a hunch fisher cats take more small pets than coyotes ever do.

    Of course if the wolf as such were reintroduced you'd have people going after them continually, blaming them for everything from lost chickens to missing kids...

  3. Well, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek really.

    But we have a ton of coyotes here in a heavily populated area. I saw one observing me in my community garden a few years ago, and was amazed when he just seemed to melt away. apparently they're very hard to track for that reason.

    But we hear whining all the time about how far too large our local deer population is -- mainly because people have built housing right into deer territory -- same same with the black bears, which have never ever been found to menace humans, but are more keen on birdfeeders and garbage cans! I think if we had a few grey wolves in NJ set on the track of hunters, that would be interesting. Of course we'd have to issue badges to the wolves...

  4. Im in line for some of those greys and Ill even supply the badges.