Monday, December 26, 2011

Mr. Bear

He has wanted to help for a very long time, and he's been so good lately I decided he'd earned the right.  This is his favorite hat and tie.  The tie was from a friend who makes leather ties, and it suits him perfectly.  You can't see, but it has bite marks on it, since he likes to nibble it when he's thinking.

He was a rescue bear, from a gift shop.  He was on the top shelf of a display filled with bears and other assorted animals, and when I saw him I knew he was just what I didnt know I needed until then. 

He has his own tray table, and a large glass of bear juice every morning with his toast.  He's a bit messy about the juice, so I always serve towels too. 

Another friend made him a furry tail, since he was a Manx Bear, and had  none of his own.  He said he always felt the lack, even though he knew it wasn't his fault, and when he got his new tail he was very happy indeed.  He kept switching around very fast to try to see it,  and nearly hurt himself, so I taught him how to use the mirror.  As he said later, it wasn't the tail, so  much as the idea of it.  And of course he was right...


  1. I'm not showing the Dollivers this new arrival on the scene, or my life will be all about getting our own Mr. Bear. He's handsome! and I hope we'll be seeing a lot of him.

  2. Very wise, Boud. Bears tend to dominate, and considering how bossy the Ds are already, there would be nothing left but fur bits and yarn shreds.

    But Mr.Bear is quite enamored of the Ds, btw. He thinks they're charming, if a bit skinny.