Friday, December 2, 2011


When I got my two latest cats, Toby and Sam, they were enrolled  in HomeAgain, a microchipping concern, and it was done by the shelter as a courtesy.  My first few emails from them suggested I should register, yadda yadda.  I never bothered, because I could see this 'free" service had dollar signs all over it.  and frankly if I lost a cat up here, they would be tracking a fisher cat to find the microchip. 

So I decided, today, to register just because I could.  They tell me my address is already in the database, 'did you forget your password".  Hmm. maybe I did register.  So I hit "send my password" and I am told my email address is not in their database.  bwahahahahaha sob sob

If my addy is not in their database how do they manage to send me emails??   Awaiting the explanation from customer service on this one.  Breathlessly.


  1. I expect a cat's in charge of the database. She's probably juggled it under the sofa by now.

  2. Its entirely possible. Dogs would never get that involved unless there was food.

  3. I've warned you and warned you about cats, but do you listen to old Uncle Ron.? No, you do not. Now look what what happened.

    Interesting coincidence: Word Verification= nocatz

  4. I know, darlin', I know. Uncle Ron is always right. Sometimes.

    Im beginning to wonder about those word verifications, frankly. Not entirely sure how coincidental they really are. It's happened more than once, on more than one site. I can't see the ones in here, but I'm not even surprised by it. =)