Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

     There's nothing like looking out your front door and seeing 25 turkeys looking back...


  1. Remember your hunting stories a while back, and my rejoinder about the cop holding up traffic for turkey to cross? just yesterday at that exact spot I saw what's very unusual for that road, a group of deer, two adults, two small, trotting daintily across that very spot. So now I think it must be known in the animal kingdom as a good crossing point. or more probably there's a stream that runs underground at that point, and they're following the waterway!

    I'm guessing your turkeys know they're pretty safe at your house.

  2. Wild turkeys aren't as wild as some would have you believe. I saw two fighting in the middle of a my field so I drove up close and watched
    (about 75 ft) there was 7 turkeys watching the fight and they walked away when we drove up, but they quickly returned. After 15 minutes of fighting, I drove forward to break up the fight, and all nine turkeys walked away. They didn't run or fly, just walked.

  3. I have to agree, Harvey. Of course that tiny brain can only hold so much, and often when I see a group of them running I am reminded of Synchronized Swimming in the Olympics...They really are just one big brain connected by feathers and beaks, aren't they.

    The first day we saw turkeys up here (recently released from F and G), they marched up our driveway, looked around, peered at us on the porch (I could have grabbed one of them they were that close) and stayed well over an hour, reminding me for all the world of six aunts come to tea, inspecting the china cupboard.

    Boud, they do have paths that cross 'our' roads, possibly long established, before there were cars or wagons or fancy tar roads. They don't change hundreds of years of paths, just because some fool human built a road there...and I love that story about the cop and the turkeys...