Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Duck Season! Wabbit Season!

Hunting season is in full bang.  Some of our 'Posted" signs have been quietly removed, there are now three tree stands just beyond  the edge of our property, all facing our way.  We have called the police about someone hunting in our woods (wow is that gun loud),  and I have had our first verbal scuffle with a very defensive Fish and Game person. 

Looks to be an interesting November.


  1. Deer season opened here last Saturday. Saturday morning a couple road hunters (its illegal to hunt from a vehicle on the road) Shot a doe on my property. By the time we got there
    they had already crossed the fence to get the deer. When confronted they lied and said they had shot the doe across the road on another property. When we told them we owned that land too, they kinda squirmed. We let them go ahead and take the deer rather than waste the meat, but we did call the hotline. Some hunters are good law abiding people, but the ones that aren't give them all a bad name.

  2. I don't know about the laws in NH, but here in Missouri we no longer have to put up no trespassing signs. They let us spray a purple paint on trees and post every 100 feet, and that means keep out. It cant be moved or easily scraped off and its cheap. Unfortunately I didn't have it applied, but you can bet I will soon. If you have the no trespass paint or have it posted, trespassers can be charged with first degree trespass.

  3. It has to be signs, here. and if someone is caught shooting game on your land (only posted counts) its considered poaching. In Britain there was a time when you could be hung for poaching...

    If I were to contact the F/G people, they would take the deer, and give it to someone who needed the meat, or give it to a soup kitchen.

    Here there is also a one day 'doe season", after that they're off limits.

  4. I was hoping to get a deer this year. Two of my friends got deer, and they each gave me bucketsful of guts, which is cool and all, but it's not really the same thing, is it?

  5. What pigs, they coulda left you the hooves, at least...

  6. /Around here nowadays the deer are hunted down by vehicles on the highway, judging from the early morning sad little results I see.

    People who own land have to post it a whole lot, looks like every 25 feet, rough estimate from driving past. Whether that prevents weekend warriors is another question, I suppose.

    Since November is time for deer, how come they can hunt them then? or are they hoping to prevent reproduction?

  7. Boud, its the same here. that's why the doe season is one day only. You don't need too many bucks but you do need a lot of does. and when you think about it, the F&G claims hunters are culling the herd, keeping it strong by hunting the weak, the slow, the cripples. oh yeah. yep. Actually what they're doing is taking the biggest buck they can find. Longevity belongs to the weak, the sickly, the males with ugly racks.