Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turkey season

Yesterday on one of the back roads I happened to pass a Jeep that was letting off two hunters.  Neither of them would I have wanted in my kitchen, or even strolling across the yard.  Each had an overunder shotgun, capable of bringing down large marauding moose, and were wearing the old red and black check hunting jackets.  As they started toward the edge of the field one was waving his gun around as he walked, swing swing swing.  They kept looking up into the trees as if they expected the turkeys to be roosting up there in the middle of the day.

In this instance my money is on the turkeys. But just to help things along, as I drove by I  hit the horn, for about 600 yards.  Probably nothing more than a gesture, but any turkey strolling about that field might have the sense to head for cover. 

And if nothing else,  I felt it was my little statement about the way of the world when grown men go after the dangerous wild turkey that has been hand fed by the Fish and Game people...some things just feel good when you do them, empty gesture or not


  1. You probably made your point with the hunters........... Just make sure you are out of gun range when you lay on the horn. Remember what I told you about everyone not liking the same kind of music? It applies to many other things than hunting and music. When I was a young man I really enjoyed hunting, with age I have lost interest. It's just a primitive instinct that goes back to hunting and gathering.

  2. oh I understand about the hunting thing, what I do not appreciate are hunters who hunt wild things just so they can blow them to smithereens and then brag about it the rest of the year. Or plant tree stands on private property and then leave them there (we are making quite a collection, btw) until the tree dies.

    And yes I could have had a tire blown off the car, but by the time they had figured out why I was waving at them I was long gone, *g*

  3. Excellent post.

  4. Thanks, Laguna. Always nice to see you posting.

  5. If you would like a heartening contrast to the hunters: last year there was a lot of new development which probably displaced some of our wild turkeys.

    I was driving along the back road that leads to Grover's Mill (the place where the Martians were supposed to have landed in the Orson Welles' broadcast, but I digress) and there is a cruiser and a police officer, hand up, stopping all traffic both ways.

    I wondered what must have happened, no moving construction vehicles or anything. then I saw a line of wild turkeys trotting across the road. After they were all safely across, the cop got back into his car, and drove off, waving at us to carry on with our lives!

  6. ah boud, what a charming story. Nice to know some people really do care about such things.