Thursday, October 20, 2011

thought for the day:

It isnt what you wear, it's how you wear it


  1. you mean with panache??? or flair? or one of those great for metaphors as well as clothes!

  2. Unless it's camouflage. Then it matters. Or, or, or...

    anomaly, dammit; i dare ya

  3. well Anne O'Malley isnt here, ron, Im just her proxy...I'll tell her when she gets back

    boud, I do mean panache, or just belonging in the clothes you put on. I have a friend who could make the most bizarre clothes combos work, simply because she liked them and they worked for her.
    And yeah, flair is as much about how we wear our lives, too, right down to the rugs on the metaphor and the way we hang the panaches to catch the light

  4. What ever happened to Anne O'Malley anyway? The name sounds familiar.My ex sister in law was a heavy lady, but she always looked nice in her clothes, usually loose fitting clothes

  5. Annie O's around, Harvey, just not posting much now since the good places shut down. (shrugs) It happens.