Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reunions 'r' soooo not Us

Got our invitation to our upcoming 50th highschool reunion.  We both graduated from the same class, so it's a "we" and "us" kinda deal.  It tells us what fun we had in highschool and how it was the core of our teenage (yes she used that word) years.  Good to know that.  Most of the kids went because if you didnt graduate you didnt go to college.  No one I knew was really happy, but I suppose after 50 years a soft pink mist camouflages most of it, and we remember what it should have been, rather than what it really was.

My dad always said, if the sons of bitches can't come and see me when I'm alive,  they don't need to look at me when I'm dead. Closed coffin, please.

I'm pretty much the same way with reunions. Rarely, in fifty years, have I recieved a personal letter from any of them, nor wanted to send one. The kids who stayed in town took jobs here, and I'd run into one of them now and then. Some are neighbors.   Not sure why I should get all fired up to revisit old classmates most of whom didnt like me much then, nor did I them.  Best to stay home and let them have at it in their own way.
I doubt if we'll be missed, except in hindsight, lol.  Closed coffin, please.

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  1. Oh how I agree! I come from a culture where the few keen people who wanted a reunion could never drum up enough interest to even get an organization under way! aside from the fact that there would be few in the class (different system, final class only 12 people), even opening it to the whole high school never took off that I know of. I guess that was one thing we all agreed on, finally!