Thursday, October 27, 2011

the Drawer of Possibilities

Everybody has at least one,  some of us have several. 

My major Drawer  has a few canning covers and lids, bandaids, an empty small flashlight, two tape measures,  Qtips, toothpicks, stray plastic bags, a baggie full of odd screws and square handcut nails awaiting the right moment when the container that does exist for them finally surfaces.  Way in the back is a marble pastry rolling pin which I have never used and never will but it was a gift, so there it stays; a pair of rubber gloves, and one garden glove waiting to be reuinited with its mate. I havent the heart to tell it its mate fell in the stove and burned up.  There's a badly scratched magnifying glass and two pair of scissors that really need to be put out of their misery.  Milk bottle caps, the top to a salt shaker that will never shake salt again..  several short pieces of dowel and one really nice longer one.  An entire box of crayola crayons, suitable for deja vu.  A deck of playing cards from the days when solitaires were spread out on the kitchen table instead of on the net.  And in the furthest back corner a reluctantly placed container of D-con, because the mice like to use that drawer too, for nesting materials and sometimes for nesting.  Mouse surprises is not the way I like to start the day.

I just realized that if that drawer were to be mysteriously looted one night the only things I might miss would be the crayons, the tape measures and perhaps the bandaids.   Something to think about.


  1. What about the card deck? You need to play more card games. Gather your neigbhours and start playing some Sueca or Spades.

  2. I used to love building houses of cards. Not playing games with them, oddly enough. Just think, at a young age I was handling metaphor without knowing it. Like the character in Moliere who'd been speaking prose all his life and never knew it.

    I wonder where are the anonymous keys, though? I have several bunches that I can't really bring myself to throw away, having failed to incorporate them into my art, because who knows I might finally find out what lock they go to.

    Hm. Metaphors abound today.

  3. boud, have you ever considered stringing them into a wind chime?
    I used to do that with anything that sounded right, and the effect of keys is magical. Just the right metal for the job.

    Laguna, the cards are expendable and easily replaced with the deck I have in another drawer. And there is no one I know who plays cards these days. Isnt that sad.

    shoot I grew up in a family of game players, everything from old maids and Go Fish to War and Hearts and Pinochle and Cribbage.

    That, I do miss.