Saturday, October 29, 2011

At least the wood is under cover

Sometimes around this neck of the country you get an early snow and then it melts and the memory fades until mid or late November.  We have even had snowless Christmases.  But this year it seems we have turned the corner into winter rather sharply.  Weather elves are nearly peeing with joy over the prospect of a blizzard (or near enough to count as one) tonight,  high winds,  lots and lots of snow.  Some phrases that seem to be embedded in almost every weather report so far:  'major winter weather event",  "a foot or more of snow is expected"  "eastern seaboard" (which means the SnowGod is really furious with all of us) and my favorite,  "maybe 4 to 6 inches".  I'm putting all my money on that last one.

What is interesting is seeing the yellow maple in the yard shedding enough leaves to hide the snow underneath it.

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