Monday, September 26, 2011


Why or how it happens, I have no idea, but I salute it when it drops in.  More than once I've been hearing a song in my  head, over and over, turn on the radio, and there it is, right at the part I'm thinking about.  More than once (in the days of TV you could watch without paying for it) some part of the brain was playing out a more memorable clip of something from MASH or "Frasier" and I'd turn on the TV--and there would be a rerun playing,  of just that episode, and just that place in the episode that had been running in my head.

You encounter a really unusual word or phrase,  and for the next week or so it seems to be everywhere.

Someone says, idly, "whatever happened to..." and names an old friend who has somehow dropped out of sight.  The next day Old Friend appears, walking toward you. Or you see them at a party a week later, they tell you they just came back to town for a few days...

Easy enough to write all of this off as coincidence, but I don't think it is.  It's being where you need to be to have something 'familiar' happen and having the good grace to recognize it for what it is.  I often wonder at all the times that were missed because we turned right instead of left, or decided that day to take one street to work instead of another. 

The mind is a strange and wondrous place, some days it's like looking through a keyhole, getting only glimpses of what's going on in there. Some days the view widens a bit.


  1. That happens to me too since they put that metal plate in my head. Just kidding

  2. I had a dream come true once; a very detailed dream of a highly unlikely event ocurring under totally unpredictable circumstances. Fortunately, because it was so very odd, I related to my (now ex-) wife, who laughed at its absurdity.

    Two days later, there was knock on the door....

  3. I know what Mittens is talking about, I have had similar things happen, but not often at all, probably just a coincidence in my case. Where's the caretaker of this blog, I have been here twice today, and she's not here.

  4. she's here, lurking. always, always, lurking. muahahaha

    Long ago I discovered that 'deja vu' really means you dreamt it, forgot the dream, and when it happened it was something you dreamt after all. Sometimes you remember the dream, often just a short snip of a thing, but when it happens in RT I always get a bit of a jolt.

    I dreamt an entire "go to the hospital" dream years ago and six month later went through the entire thing, only slightly altered. You can only take coincidence so far and then have to realize there's a LOT going on in there that we either choose to deny, embrace, or make invisible in some way.