Thursday, September 1, 2011


August always presages fall, and toward the end of the month we are visited with hot clear days and chilly (er) nights.  The July humidity blanket lifts.   Now we see preying mantises, grownup crickets, and bees that also sense the changes, and cannot be dislodged from the flowers they're on, even when you cart them both to the compost bin.  The very earth seems to hum with cicadas, crickets,  and bees.

Insane chipmunks and psychotic red squirrels attempt daily suicide in their mad scrambles to the center line of the road and back, while you slow, swerve, and hope the thing doesnt panic at the last minute and run under your back wheels...the summer birds are gone--quietly this year, not with that raucous gathering and fussing as in previous summers.

Fall's coming. Too soon.


  1. Its still 100 degrees here everyday in SW Missouri, but there is a big cool down coming next week, like upper 70s for high temps, we need rain so bad. I love fall but I hate the threat of what comes next. Some people love all four seasons, I like two of em.

  2. i like three, they do seem to be linked, but winter is out there by itself. and I would miss it, it lends a bit of anticipation to spring...