Sunday, September 11, 2011

Decisions and Choices

Years ago I saw part of a YouTube video involving a kid who's father had pulled the plug  on his Worlds of Warcraft account, without his knowledge and obviously without his consent.  Come home from school, turn on the computer, and the game is wiped.  Where is it?  Where did it go?   I could only watch about a minute of the video,  it was painful to see.  Obviously he was out of control, and perhaps that's why the father did this, he was probably so hooked on the game it was, at least in his dad's mind, the only way to 'teach him' something.

But the video bothered me.  I kept thinking then, and still do, even without knowing the circumstances, surely, surely, there was a better way to have handled this.  Two hours after school, maybe, as a stock boy at the supermarket, anything. Let him earn the money to pay for his own game, Give him back the choice.

And that's what it comes down to.  Choices. When something or someone you love is removed from your life, without mutual consent,  knowledge,  or input from you,  you no longer own that event or the choice. It now belongs to the person who did the removing. And what that kid was reacting to was not the loss of the game, but the loss  of his autonomy;  and his pride, ego, whatever you want to call it, took a heck of a beating.
I do also wonder who turned the video camera on, and why.  And then posted it on YouTube.

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