Sunday, August 7, 2011

You mean it's August again??

Jeeze, I just got used to June, and here it is August.  Im thinking that may account for the slightly puzzled look on many older people's faces;  they've given up keeping track of months, and sometimes years, and wonder where it all went. So do I.

Got our three cords of green wood (for next year) and are waiting for the three cords of seasoned, for this year.  Always have to hope it's enough, no matter how much we have. As I stack the rows now I thumbtack a numbered card on each one, so I can see how far we've got to go.  It only gets scary when we hit April and the card on the next row says "2"...

The Early Girl tomatoes are getting ready to ripen; I expect a tinge of red any day now.  and the six (my god i cannot believe I planted six) Roma pastes are setting fruit.  Late, but that's okay, I think we'll beat the frosts. And I have many many sheets, if there's a threat of frost.  Ive also started constructing next year's potato box, one layer at a time.  Always next week, next  month, next year. 

Live in the moment, but plan ahead

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