Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taking stock/Irene

We were luckier than most;  one large tree down across our driveway,  a huge amount of small limb debris the entire length of it (most of which needed to be removed by hand),  the yard had a brief moment of glory as it became Lake Overflow.  The power flickered, flickered, flickered, and finally went out and stayed out for about four or five hours.  When it came on we were still here.

Other people weren't so lucky and even the next day (and possibly even now) are still struggling with no power and large trees draped across their landscapes.

There is an outage map (local) that shows power status for NH, and how much has been restored.  it seems that this is a kind of rolling blackout, where x number of people get their power restored, and by the next day another group has lit up the grid.  They do not pay those line crews enough money,  ever, for the kind of work they do. 

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