Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the dark side of Sf Fantasy

has to be Terry Goodkind, hands down.  His heroines and all her friends, female relatives and children suffer horrible events, both psychological and physical, in great and dreadful detail.  I found two of his books in a book sale, and since Ive seen his books around forEVER I thought, what the hey, for 50 cents, im not losing anything.   yeuwww.

Of course the women are young, terrified, and magical, and of course there is both the Evil Oppressor from whom she is hiding or, it turns out, is actually her father or mother or both--and along comes the Wonderful Hero and manages to put them in even more danger by wanting to help.  The second chapter is where I gave up, on each of them.  

There is something disturbing about that kind of writing, you can almost see the author drooling over the blood and grue.  And you have to wonder why anyone would write this unrelentingly grim kind of SF Fantasy.  It puts me in mind of Stephen Donaldson (Donalson?), but even he lightens the load with a time warp now and then.  Too much leprosy can wear a reader down, after awhile. 

These are going back in the used book cart at the supermarket, may someone else enjoy them. 

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