Saturday, July 2, 2011

Silly and sad

Silly, isn't it.  Im not writing, so people say, oh what a good time to submit--you've got the time to rework, to revise, to put together stuff for all sorts of magazines...trouble is, submitting takes energy, and it takes the creative shove to get it moving.  And no, I don't revise or rework when I'm in this cicadian pattern.   Over is over,  clean to the floor.  I wish it were other, but this is the way this particular system works.  And reading improving 'how to write a poem" books, or journaling (that's another word I don't much like, right  up there
with scrapbooking), exercises, or all the other helpful things that simply do not work.  if, by some miracle a poem does appear, the fireworks go up, and the journal, the exercises, etc, get the credit. 

It's sort of like believing in a higher power to the point where if you succeed he/she/it/they gets the credit, and if you fail you get the blame. 

Couple more years. I just hope I can still remember my name by then.

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