Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book day

The four book trilogy by Ursula LeGuin, Earthsea,  a Ted Kooser and (to even up the sides) a Merwin, and one Jesse Stone/Parker mystery.  This should keep me going (if you factor in the last half of my yearly hike through the Discworld series) until maybe September. 

I think of this as my sick stash,  and add them to the ever changing pile of books by the bed;  the last time I got sick enough to not move for several days I managed to work my way through an entire collection of these things, and that worried me.  What happens, I think, if I got REALLY immobilized?  what if I ran out?  The mind reels. 


  1. I am only a spasm now for the last couple days, but I'm caning and go to work anyway with my teeth grit & reminding me that I'm my mother's boy. Oy for a book to ease the mind a bit.

    Kooser, please, because he's god.

  2. yes, I know exactly that pain. Even thinking makes it hurt. [whimpering in sympathetic agony]

    I will be getting into Kooser later today, when it gets too hot outside to do anything but come inside.

    I've noticed, his books are always shrink wrapped...I suppose it keeps people from the 'browse and put it back' syndrome, and if you wanna read it, you gotta buy it, but still...