Monday, June 20, 2011

simplifying things is complicated

We have one of those older beds where the frame is for a 3/4 mattress and we are full mattress sized people.   Consequently the box spring and mattress have been resting on the siderails. I got sick of climbing up into a bed three feet off the floor (not to mention possibly falling out of it at some point),  and suggested that we just ditch the box spring and turn the whole thing into a platform bed.

What I didnt realize was that the platform part that would let the mattress rest on the side rails would need enough support to turn it into a 100 pound monster.  But the bed is now at a normal height, we are both pleased with it, and our old cat no longer has to claw his way up the side of the bed to find us at 4 AM.

However, we are now looking at a box spring with enough spring tension to take out a small army if it was released...

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