Friday, June 24, 2011

the MOM-ing of America

I have learned to hate the word 'mom'.  Period.

Oh, wait. Is this a Sarah Palin word?  In the same way that Al Gore gifted  us with 'global warming',  did by some stroke of luck Sarah turn all our mothers into Moms?


  1. Oh, I've been bitchin about this issue for years, now. Mom is what you call your mother. A mother is what she is.

    Some guy on the news the other night read us a story about how a mom from sometown was arrested for doing something awful to her almoststillaninfant daughter.

    Yuh. A real mom.

  2. It seems to denigrate and depersonalize the whole idea of mothers, in a strange way.

    It has even reached the level of the obituaries, I found a local one this week described as a 'good mom to her children"...

  3. And on my way home from Flatland today I passed an SUV. It's license plate read LV2BMOM. Don't know if that's sposta be LIVE or LOVE, but still..............really?

  4. It must be a northeast thing, around here they are all moms, I have never called my mom mother.

  5. The issue, I think, is not what we call our mother, but what we call all mothers. "moms on parade", that sort of thing. "Mom of seven kids".

    My husband called his mother "mom" I called mine "mother" ("MO-ther" has such a nice whiney ring to it) and she (and her sibs) called their mother 'mum' which is more a Canadian thing, I think. Think of it this way, Harvey. Would you refer to Mother's Day as "Mom's Day"?

    Ron has it exact. Mom is what you call her, mother is what she IS.