Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kicking and screaming

slowly, being dragged toward the electronic edge of the latest century.

I am now the owner of earbuds, and a matchbook sized music player.  I ve been collecting 'tickets' from BestBuy when I turn in  monitors for recycling, and finally had enough to get one of these things.  Im still coming to terms with it, much the way you might come to terms with your kid's pet condor; slowly, no sudden movements...


  1. JT and the Earbuds. Sounds like a band.

    OMG I'm LOLing MAO out loud!
    Did I say that right?

  2. close enough.

    Try ROFL and I believe the accepted version is LMAO or, LMFAO
    or even ROFLMAO

    It would make a cool name for a rock band though, too bad I don't have a rock band to name...