Monday, May 2, 2011

Global Warming

In olden times when there was a volcano in the area, and it began to erupt, the king would select a lucky girl to be the Designated Virgin. She was tossed into the volcano, probably against her will. If the volcano stopped erupting, well, the gods were appeased.  If it continued to erupt, obviously she wasn't a virgin, and it was her fault for not stopping the erupting.

The other day I saw some comments made by people who should know better, saying that global warming was responsible for all those dreadful tornadoes in the south, in part because the legislators who were voted in by their constituents were doing nothing, simply nothing, about GW.  i.e., they weren't actively pursuing a path toward stopping it.  Which is one of the silliest/saddest statements one can make at this stage. And the implication was fairly clear: you voted those slackers into office, and because of that you got the weather you deserved by being so thoughtless. It's YOUR fault you're having tornadoes. 

GW has become the buzzword for heat in the summer, blizzards in the winter, and melting ice caps.  Which, by the way, are apparently re-forming. It is bad science coupled with people all too willing to spend entirely too much money to discuss a problem that does not exist, rather than actually spend that money in different directions that might just  help reduce emissions and stuff that does exist, and would make our quality of life on this planet a bit better. 

There's a lot of history behind us, stretching back before dinosaurs, and the temperatures have soared and plummeted dramatically, cycles within cycles, for millions of years. As the earth wobbles (wouldn't that make a great title for a soap opera) and tilts, and the sunspots erupt, climate changes.  Trying to stop those changes is as pointless as bailing the ocean into a bucket to lower the levels at high tide.  Or teaching a cow not to fart.

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  1. I used to have a cow that farted, and I taught her not to do leasr when I was around.