Thursday, April 21, 2011

So far, so good

it was a very complicated journey but i am now the proud if uncertain adoptive owner of two stunning tiger tomcats, one grey, the other  brown. They  have, unlike female cats, recovered from their trip, and are slowly exploring the house, one room, one hidey place, at a time.  Turn around and there is a cat with a strange face, looking at you.  Now and then they  meet Albert and Isabel on the stairs, or under a table, and someone hisses and moves away. 

so far, no arguments.  they arent pushy,  Just careful and curious. 

The names will be changed.  Right now I don't know which is which, but one was called Bear and the other, Micro.  The kinds of names guys give cats or dogs, why I do not know.  Once I can see them together and find some distinguishing marks,  Ill start working on names.

So far they don't seem frightened, or even particularly shy, just cautious.

Pictures will follow. Eventually.


  1. Congratulations on the new arrivals. i'll be glad to name them, if you like, sight unseen.I don't have any original ideas, but I believe I could channel Skonk & come up with a couple doozies.

  2. thank you for the offer but I think we have it under control, Ron. Toby and Sam. since they are very much alike, and since one has a green collar and one a blue, for now I am calling them Greentoby and BlueSam.

    This is the first time we have ever had shelter cats, always before we waited to see who might show up on our doorstep, or under a neighbor's porch...but it's a different type of neighborhood now, folks work all day and keep their cats and dogs in, so we dont see the strays we used to.

  3. My goodness, what handsome boys they are!

    I'm a fan of male cats and female dogs. Male cats, in my experience, are much more loving. Female cats, even when they're loving, can still be total bitches on wheels. But I've experienced some really swell female cats and some really swell male it's just my preference, I guess.

    Bless you for adopting not one but two shelter animals.

    May I ask whereabouts you live in New Hampshire? You need not be specific...just general area? I lived for 4 glorious years in southeastern New Hampshire when I was a kid in a very small rural town (population 4 thousand) and to this day, I swear, they were the best, happiest, most wonderful years of my life. New Hampshire is a beautiful place to live. I need to get back there. I need to love where I live again.

  4. They are elegant looking cats, arent they. I think my next batch will be females, to balance them out a bit.
    And two is the way to go, they have each other to cling to while they get used to all the strangenesses around them.

    The only one who is less than impressed is Isabel, who is 13 and an alpha all the way. I suspect there will be more screaming as time goes on, and as they get used to the fussy old lady cat out there...I told my husband, this is the way cats discover each other, at the top of their lungs and sometimes at the ends of their claws. *g*