Monday, March 28, 2011


The two cats remaining are now in the process of taking back the house. Albert is 15, little, white, and entirely too chubby, but quite sanguine about the newly expanded living area.  He is slowly reacquainting himself with the chairs, the warm place in front of the stove, the front storm door, where he can sit in the sun and look out over the fields--Isabel  is pretty tightly wrapped, less trustful, even after 10 years of living here, and while she uses the cat door she prefers to be let out, and has to be reminded that she's got her house back, too. 

And even now both the humans still reach for the screen door that separated the two floors, and that too will take time to adjust to.  Having a cat  or dog arrive, or leave, in whatever shape, changes the entire fabric of the household. 

Once these guys get used to the new spaces I'll be heading out for the local humane society and see what I can find for playmates for them.  I looked over the website for Cocheco Valley Humane Society, and came away wanting all the middle aged lady cats and their life long buddies.  All of them.


  1. So, you are down to two cats.... me too. These will probably be my last cats as in the future I might want to travel, and the cats wouldn't. I no longer have a dog, just a grandchild that will probably leave before too long. That last poem had a lot of Catholic in it, at least to me, interesting.

  2. Me too, Harvey. Catholic's what I was raised up as, and leave it or live it, it stays with you.

    Im not ready to give up cats, not yet. And since we're not big travelers, that won't be a problem. I love a houseful of cats, they make the most wonderful community, and except for the food cans, nearly self sufficient for companionship, and all I do is open cans and stay out of the arguments.

  3. I just discovered your blog, followed from The Town, and have signed up to follow. Nice reading, and very good writing, too.

    And yes, on cats. I'd have more if I could house them! the three rescues currently running our lives are about enough.

  4. Nice to see you here, Boud. (and thank you)

    Eight is about our limit in this house, before they start getting on each other's nerves. One nice thing about a big family of them, they make their own community, and I just open cans and stay out of the way.
    I love the interactions. We just got our new ones, the first bonded pair Ive ever had, and its fascinating.

    I always feel sorry for cats and dogs that don't have one of their own to keep them company. I mean, who do they talk to??